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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 74% of businesses fail within their first four years. As stated by the SBA, insufficient capital and lack of adequate funding are significant reasons for their failure. Simply Bookkeeping and Tax Service understands the importance of having access to sufficient funds for starting or growing a business. When companies have substantial capital available, they significantly increase their chances of success. With proper funding, business owners can refrain from using personal assets, cash, or profits, hindering their growth potential.

However, lenders hesitate to provide business owners with the necessary financial resources in today’s lending landscape. Even when a business meets all the lending requirements, many traditional banks still decline loan applications without providing a specific reason. Banks deny approximately 89% of applications for business financing, while 86% of business owners require cash and credit for survival.

This challenging environment has made it increasingly more work for business owners to access the funding to start and expand their ventures. Many business owners limit their search for funds to their banks, but if their bank says no, they are left with nowhere else to turn.

We offer a cash and credit access solution at Simply Bookkeeping and Tax Service. This comprehensive suite provides clients access to legitimate funding options not typically available through conventional banks. Our team is well-versed in these funding options, often unfamiliar to most people. By leveraging our finance suite, businesses gain unprecedented access to funding, even if they are a startup or the business owner has personal credit challenges.

Our Simply Bookkeeping and Tax Service addresses the common cash access problem most business owners face and connects them with much-needed credit and funding for their businesses. Throughout this guide, we will walk you through the finance suite, ensuring you are comfortable with the system. You will learn about the steps involved in establishing business credit and securing funding, explore the various funding types available, and understand the numerous benefits of our finance suite. With our comprehensive solution, you will be equipped to successfully offer this valuable resource to your clients, helping them overcome funding obstacles and propel their businesses forward.

Unlocking the power of business credit is essential for growth and financial stability. At Simply Bookkeeping and Tax Service, we offer expert guidance and resources to help you obtain the business credit you need. Our comprehensive service empowers businesses to access funding, establish creditworthiness, and seize opportunities for success.